CQ890-67033 Encoder disk

CQ893-67009 Spindle hubs

Pinch Assembly
CQ890-67060 Pinch wheels assembly

F9J56A HP729 Printhead
F9J81A HP 729 Printhead Replacement Kit NA

CQ890-67001 Carriage line sensor assembly kit - Includes T-6 screwdriver
CQ893-67018 Output tray sensor - Does not include FFC cable

CQ890-67044 Left side spittoon assembly

CQ890-67019 Pull out paper tray - Out put paper tray extension
CQ890-67047 Multi-sheet paper tray extension - Located on the the accessory tray

Tray Assembly
CQ890-67007 Multi-sheet accessory paper tray assembly

Unknown Keyword
CQ890-60244 Kit, Friction NA
CQ890-67089 AmpXL 5V Power Supply SV
CQ890-67090 Cutter CSR SV kit
CQ890-67091 Cutter Y margin new Extract Li
CQ891-60021 Power Cord- EU SV KIT
CQ891-60022 Power Cord: AMS SV KIT
CQ891-60023 Power Cord- APJ SV KIT
CQ893-67001 AmpXL 36Trailing cable SV
CQ893-67002 36 Back cover
CQ893-67003 36 Roll cover
CQ893-67008 AmpXL 36 Spindle module SV
CQ893-67016 AmpXL 36 Belt SV
CQ893-67022 36 Starwheel assy and Output shaft
CQ893-67027 Output Platen Cutter CSR Lid 36P
CQ893-67028 AmpXL 36in PM Kit SV_Grease_Y_Lid CSR
CQ893-67029 AmpXL 36 Encoder strip SV
CQ894-67001 36 Front Cover
CQ894-67002 36 Upper roll media guide
F9A29-67013 Candela Screws kits Not Assigned
F9A30-67001 MPCA SV kit
F9A30-67004 Printer bundle Board SV kit
F9A30-67006 Cutter Door kit (ink door kit)
F9A30-67007 CANDELA RIDS SV kit
F9A30-67008 CANDELA ISS SV kit
F9A30-67009 Assy Air Print CANDELA SV kit
F9A30-67010 Assy PH door CANDELA SV kit
F9A30-67011 CANDELA Right Cover MFP SV kit
F9A30-67012 Left Cover MFP
F9A30-67013 Front frame_window MFP SV kit
F9A30-67014 Ink door cover
F9A30-67015 CANDELA Top cover MFP SV kit
F9A30-67016 Top cover button latch MFP SV kit
F9A30-67017 Scanbar SV Part F9A30-67017 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, F9A30-67065
F9A30-67018 FFC - Scan bars SV kit Not Assigned
F9A30-67019 Hinges SV
F9A30-67020 Pinch assy
F9A30-67023 Top_lid Mirror_magnet SV
F9A30-67024 Scanner feed motor SV
F9A30-67025 Scanner feedshaft SV
F9A30-67026 Calibration slider SV
F9A30-67027 Calibration surface CSR
F9A30-67028 Cal surface geartrain SV
F9A30-67029 Scanner Bundle Board SV
F9A30-67030 Latch SV
F9A30-67031 REDI Sensor SV
F9A30-67033 Lower Pinch assy SV with mirror
F9A30-67034 Bottom Cables SV kit
F9A30-67035 Refeed preventer SV
F9A30-67038 OPT wheel SV
F9A30-67039 Scanner Input platen SV
F9A30-67040 Diverter SV
F9A30-67042 Scanner Bottom platen SV
F9A30-67043 Control Panel + left trim support
F9A30-67045 Candela Printer sensor kit SV
F9A30-67046 Candela Printer Cables kit SV
F9A30-67047 Candela NVM Backup PCA SV kit
F9A30-67048 Candela Prime pump SV kit
F9A30-67049 Candela Paper Motor SV kit
F9A30-67050 Candela Left roll support
F9A30-67051 Candela Right roll support
F9A30-67052 Candela Service Station Assy
F9A30-67053 Candela OOPS Sensor flag w/tap
F9A30-67054 Candela Right Gear Train SV Not Assigned
F9A30-67056 Stand Left Leg Assy NA
F9A30-67057 Stand Right Leg Assy NA
F9A30-67058 Stand Basket SV kit NA
F9A30-67059 Stand HW kit NA
F9A30-67060 Candela Labels
F9A30-67061 AmpXL 36 Carriage assembly
F9A30-67062 Diverter bottom part sv
F9A30-67063 Candela Carriage Motor SV kit
F9A30-67064 Candela Calibration Scanner Plot SV kit
F9A30-67065 CANDELA 3 Scan Bars SV Kit
F9J57A HP Intro Yellow Ink Crtg NA
F9J58A HP Intro Magenta Ink Crtg NA
F9K15A HP 728 300-ml Yellow Ink Crtg
F9K16A HP 728 300-ml Magenta Ink Crtg
F9K17A HP 728 300-ml Cyan Ink Crtg

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