Die Fehlermeldung besteht aus zwei Teilen.   XX : YZ

z. B. : Fehlermeldung: 11 : 00

XX = 11 und YZ = 00

daraus ergibt sich: 11 = Trailing Kabel;  00 = auswechseln


Error Fehler 01.0:YZ = HCI queue does not end after 2 seconds - problem with formatter and/or main board.
Error Fehler 01.1:YZ = NVM backup: not found, read, write or read back error.
Error Fehler 01.2:YZ = Print mech PCA fault or NVM backup failure.
Error Fehler 02.1:YZ = Encoder def.
Error Fehler 02.2:YZ = Carriage def.
Error Fehler 03:YZ = Power Supply, Netzteil def..
Error Fehler 05.1:YZ = CPU Lüfter def.
Error Fehler 06:YZ = Main NVM failure - not detected, read/write failed or readback error.
Error Fehler 08:YZ = Front Panel def.

Error Fehler 11:YZ = Trailing Kabel def.
Error Fehler 12.n:YZ = Carriage oder Mainboard def..

Error Fehler 21:YZ = Service Station def..
Error Fehler 21.1:YZ = Service Station def.
Error Fehler 22.0:YZ = ISS (Pumpe) left BPSO error. (Supplies 0, 1, 2).
Error Fehler 22.1:YZ = ISS (Pumpe) left BPS1 error. (Supplies 3, 4, 5).
Error Fehler 24:YZ = Ink Setup failure (Ink Delivery System (IDS) Tubes purge failed).
Error Fehler 26.n:YZ = Order of Ink Supplies incorrect.
Error Fehler 27:YZ = Druckkopf oder Carriage def..
Error Fehler 29.n:YZ = Druckkopf oder Carriage def..

Error Fehler 31:YZ = Cutter def..
Error Fehler 38:YZ = Papierauswurf def..

Error Fehler 41:YZ = Electrical fault or current limit in Media-Axis Motor.
Error Fehler 41.1:YZ = Electrical fault or current limit in Media-Axis Motor.
Error Fehler 42:YZ = Electrical fault or current limit in Scan-Axis Motor.
Error Fehler 44:YZ = Fan electrical fault, or not connected.
Error Fehler 45:YZ = An Error Fehler with the Rewinder System has been detected.
Error Fehler 47:YZ = Starwheels motor error.
Error Fehler 48:YZ = PPS system failure.

Error Fehler 51:YZ = Window Sensor failure.
Error Fehler 52:YZ = Drop Detector oder Service Station def..
Error Fehler 55:YZ = Line Sensor, Carriage, Trailing Kabel oder Mainboard def.
Error Fehler 56:YZ = Drive roller a log encoder sensor fail or calibration failed.
Error Fehler 58:YZ = The Line Sensor of the printer is not functioning correctly. Either the line sensor shutter has failed to open, there is a
failure to communicate with the Line Sensor, the Line Sensor is not calibrated correctly, or the firmware is not compatible with the Line Sensor.

Error Fehler 61:YZ = The file format is incorrect and the Printer cannot process the job.
Error Fehler 62:YZ = PC Interface.
Error Fehler 63:YZ = Input/Output problem through the Network Card.
Error Fehler 64:YZ = Input/Output problem through the USB port.
Error Fehler 65:YZ = Memory Driver Inter l I/O error, I/O Socket Ma ger Inter l I/O error.
Error Fehler 66:YZ = Cannot print file on current paper type. The paper type has changed since the file was sent, so the file cannot be printed on the paper type currently loaded.
Error Fehler 67:YZ = Input/Output problem through a Firewire Port.
Error Fehler 68:YZ = Loss of engine counters tracking.

Error Fehler 71:YZ = Out of memory failure.
Error Fehler 71:19 = Default Serial Number found in the main and backup NVM. It seems that both the Print Mech PCA and                         Hard Disk Drive have been replaced together.
Error Fehler 72:YZ = Generic Firmware error.
Error Fehler 73:YZ = Servo Error.
Error Fehler 74:YZ = Error Fehler uploading firmware update file.
Error Fehler 74.1:YZ = Error Fehler uploading media profile update file.
Error Fehler 75.1:YZ = Wartungs-Kit fällig, Maintenance Kit #1 counter (Scan Axis Components, Ink Supply Tubes, Trailing Cable, Carriage).
Error Fehler 75.2:YZ = Wartungs-Kit fällig, Maintenance Kit #2 counter
Error Fehler 75.3:YZ = Wartungs-Kit fällig, Maintenance Kit #3 counter (Cutter Assembly).
Error Fehler 75.4:YZ = Wartungs-Kit fällig, Maintenance Kit #4 counter.
Error Fehler 76:YZ = Festplatte ist voll.
Error Fehler 77:YZ = Web access application. The web server is not functioning correctly.
Error Fehler 78:YZ = Borderless printing not possible. Setting ignore.
Error Fehler 78:1:YZ = Media settings area missing in media settings file.
Error Fehler 79:YZ = Firmware def.
Error Fehler 79.1:YZ = Recoverable firmware Error Fehler that does not stop the printing process.

Error Fehler 81:YZ = Problem with paper advance.
Error Fehler 81.1:YZ = Problem finding the Drive Roller zero.
Error Fehler 84:YZ = Back tension servo shutdown (roll feeding).
Error Fehler 85:YZ = Problem finding the Drive Roller zero.
Error Fehler 86:YZ = evt. Papierstau.
Error Fehler 87:YZ = Problem finding the Scan-axi encoder reading.

Error Fehler 93:YZ = U ble to pressurize the Ink Delivery System.
Error Fehler 94:YZ = Colour calibration error.
Error Fehler 94.1:YZ = Profiling algorithm failed.
Error Fehler 98:YZ = Automatic backup print mode e bled.




Fehler 00 = Replace
Fehler 01 = Reseat/Reconnect/Clean/Adjust (manually)
Error 02 = Calibrate/Adjust (using Automatic Process)
Error 03 = Power OFF and Restart the Printer
Error 04 = Upgrade System Firmware
Error 05 = Upgrade Driver or Computer Software
Error 06 = Add Accessory
Error 07 = Escalate
Error 08 = Send Plot Again
Error 09 = Wrong Part Installed
Error 10 = Replace
Error 11 = Reseat/Reconnect/Clean/Adjust (manually)
Error 12 = Calibrate/Adjust (using Automatic Process)
Error 13 = Power OFF
Error 14 = Upgrade System Firmware
Error 15 = Upgrade Driver or Computer Software
Error 16 = Add Accessory
Error 17 = Escalate
Error 18 = Send Plot Again
Error 19 = Wrong Part Installed

Fehlermeldungen Error Codes HP DesignJet T2300


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