CR357-67047 Hard disk drive assembly

CR355-67002 Cables assembly

B3P06A HP 727 Designjet Printhead

CR355-67001 Top roll cover
CR355-67004 Front panel arch cover
CR355-67005 Service station arch cover
CR357-67055 Rear cover assembly - Long plastic cover that protects the rear bottom part of the printer
CR357-67056 Main cover assembly - Plastic cover that protects the service station assembly side
CR357-67057 Ink cover assembly - Service station side
CR357-67058 Ink cover assembly - Front panel side
CR357-67059 Main cover assembly - Where ink door mounts on - Front panel side
CR357-67060 Fixed tray cover - Front panel side
CR357-67061 Fixed tray cover - Service station side
CR357-67062 Sidewall cover - Front panel side
CR357-67063 Sidewall cover - Service station side
CR357-67065 Printer leg assembly - Includes cover assembly - Service station side
Part CR357-67065 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, CR357-67094

CR357-67076 Support label T1500PS nameplate

CR357-67064 Printer leg assembly - Includes cover assembly - Front panel side

CR357-67052 Front panel assembly

CH538-67074 Center support assembly
CR357-67012 Starwheel support assembly Part CR357-67012 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, CR357-67086

CR357-67018 Carriage assembly - With out PC board and line sensor
Q6675-60043 Carriage rail oiler

Ink Delivery System
CR357-67028 Front panel ink service station
CR357-67029 Ink service station

Ink Supply Station
CR357-67027 Ink tubes and trailing cable supply station assembly

CR357-67003 PRS actuator assembly

CR354-67002 Stacker arms assembly Part CR354-67002 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, CR357-67082

CR357-67021 Carriage belt - Long belt that moves the carriage assembly

CR357-67030 Cleanout assembly

CR357-67007 Cutter assembly

CR357-67022 Linear encoder strip assembly

CR357-67048 E-Box fan

CR357-67033 Vertical media guide

CR357-67002 Full bleed service assembly
CR357-67032 Converger assembly
CR357-67041 Stacker hand Off service assembly

CR357-67070 Carriage latch assembly - Holds printer cartridge on its proper position on the carriage assembly

CR357-67005 Auto pinch lifter assembly

CR357-67009 Media advance transmission motor
CR357-67010 Starwheel motor assembly
CR357-67015 Valves module motor
CR357-67023 Scan axis motor

Overdrive Assembly
CR357-67011 Overdrive assembly

Pinch Assembly
CR357-67074 Stacker pinch assembly

CR357-67013 Cutter platen Part CR357-67013 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, L2Y24-67001

CR357-67014 Output platen assembly - Mounts on top of the rear cover

CR357-67024 Primer assembly

CR357-67050 Jester plus riser/reservoir

CR357-67067 Pinch arm top roller

CR357-67020 Line sensor - Includes FFC cable
CR357-67026 Drop sensor - Detects if there is ink dropping
CR357-67031 Media sensor assembly
CR357-67045 Stacker empty sensor assembly

Service Station
CR357-67025 Service station with drop detector

Stacker Assembly
CR357-67043 Stacker overdrive transmission with motor

CR357-67037 Top re-winder support A
CR357-67038 Top tip support assembly

CR357-67008 Micro-switch assembly - Mounts on the right side of the stacker assembly Part CR357-67008 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, CR357-67080

PC Board
CR357-67006 Output sensor PCA
CR357-67019 Carriage PCA - With out the line sensor Part CR357-67019 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, CR357-67081
CR357-67049 Engine PC board assembly
CR357-67051 Formatter (main logic) PC board - With riser

Power Supply
CR357-67046 Power supply unit assembly

Maintenance Kit
CR357-67072 Preventive maintenance Kit - Includes scan axis motor, belt, carriage, cutter, carriage PCA, encoder strip, ink tubes, and trailing cable
CR357-67073 Preventive maintenance kit - Includes service station and line sensor

CR357-67004 Pinch wheel assembly

CR357-67016 Secound starwheel Rail

CR357-67040 36-inch spindle assembly Part CR357-67040 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, CR357-67093

Stacker Assembly
CR354-67003 36-inch stacker assembly - Does not include arms

CR354-67004 36-inch metal sheet starwheel assembly

Tray Assembly
CR357-67066 Basket output tray assembly - Where paper rest after it has been printed

HP DesignJet T1500 CR357A Plotter Ersatzteil - Liste


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