C2858-00078 Absorber - in Ink Drop Reservoir on Right Side of Plotter

C2858-60114 Bail assembly - Has star wheel assemblies attached

Bail Lift Mechanism
C2858-60209 Bail Lift Mechanism Kit - Includes Cam Gear, Engaging Lever, Engaging Lever Gear, Engaging Lever Spring, Y-Tensioner Bracket, Bail Lift Cam, Cam Gear Support, Screws, Washers

1410-0708 Sleeve bearing - Used on left end of overdrive assembly

Belt, Zahnriemen, Antriebsriemen
1500-0855 'Y' Axis Belt - from Carriage Motor to Reduction Pulley
C2847-00029 Carriage belt

C2847-00005 Media Bin Back - for Top of Wire Rack Below Plotter
C2847-00006 Media Bin Front - Main Part of Wire Rack Below Plotter
C2847-00012 Media Bin Adjust - Adjustable Media Bottom Stop in Wire Rack

Blade See Description Cutter Assembly Blades NOT Separately Available Order Cutter

07575-40125 Drive-Tensioner Bracket - Holds Pen Carriage Drive Belt Tensioning Wedge
C1633-40037 Bail Bracket - Located on Right End of Bail
C1633-40038 Bail Bracket - Located on Left End of Bail
C1633-40064 Mounting Bracket for the Media Sensor - Installed on the Right Side of the Entry Platen
C1633-60029 Y-Drive Assembly Bracket - on Right Side of Plotter
C2847-00051 Y-Tensioner Bracket - Installed on Left Side Plate - (P/O the Bail Lift Mechanism Kit)
C2858-00007 Encoder Spring Bracket - on Right Side of Plotter

C4704-60199 Brake/housing assembly (on right side) - Accepts the flange end of the spindle rod assembly - Includes the 2 housing pieces, 2 brake shoes, brake gear, brake lever, and springs

C1633-20034 Bushing for reduction pulley
C2858-40016 Carriage Bushing - Mounted on Each Side of Carriage - Supports Front of Carriage on Slider Rod (2 Used)
C2858-40017 Rear slider rod bushing (Spring loaded) - Slides into the rear center of the carriage assembly
C3195-40076 Bushing - Attaches to Rear of Cutter Assembly - Connects Cutter Assembly to Slider Rod

Cable, Kabel
C2847-60005 Cable - from Power Supply to Main Logic Board
C2847-60019 Ribbon Cable - from Main Logic Bd to 'X' Encoder (on Motor)
C2858-60011 Cable Harness Assembly - From Main Logic Board to Primer Assembly, Primer Sensor, Drop Sensor, and Bail Sensor Cable
C2858-60024 Trailing Cable - from Main Logic Board to Carriage Assembly

C1633-40052 Bail Lift Cam - Activates the Bail Lift Lever (P/O the Bail Lift Mechanism Kit)
C3190-60149 Left Cam Jour l - Mounted on Left End of Pincharm Shaft

Carriage, Schlitten, Patronen Wagen
C2858-60023 Pen carriage assembly - Drafting 'Head' assembly (Holds the four ink cartridges)

1492-0145 Lockable Caster Assembly - Includes Stem and Washer (4 Used)

07575-40013 Left belt clamp - Attaches carriage belt to carriage
07575-40014 Right belt clamp - Attaches carriage belt to carriage
1400-1021 Cable Clamp - Attached to the Paper Motor Mount
9170-1533 Clamp - Holds ferrite in place within electronics enclosure

Cleaning Supplies
C6247A DesignJet cleaning kit - Includes cleaning solution and 20 cleaning rags

Control Panel, Bedienfeld
C2847-60087 Control panel assembly - Includes ribbon cable

Cover C1633-00031 MIO Slot Access Cover - Mounts to Top Right Side of the Main Cover/Panel on the Electronic Enclosure Assembly
C2847-00010 Electronic enclosure cover
C2858-40044 Right end cover - For end of upper stand (Chassis) assembly
C2858-60215 Left end cover assembly - For end of upper stand (Chassis)
C4705-60084 Rollfeed access cover - Opens forward to allow access to paper spindle assembly - Includes cover and springs

C3185-00034 Cross-brace - Main structure that extends between stand legs

Cutter, Messer
C2858-60021 Cutter mechanism assembly - Auto cutter for rollfeed paper

C2847-60004 Enclosure (Outer) - Metal structure installed over the inner electronics enclosure
C2847-60018 Enclosure (Inner) - Metal Structure That Forms the Base of the Electronics Enclosure Assembly

Encoder, Sensor
C2858-60010 Linear Encoder IC - Attaches to Right Side of Carriage Assy Detects Carriage Position as it Moves along Encoder Strip

End Cap, Spindel
C2858-40043 Spindle End Cap (Small) (or Core Spacer) - on the Left End of the Spindle Rod - Removes for Loading the Media Roll
C3172-40006 Spindle End Cap (Large) - on Right End of the Spindle Rod

Fan, Lüfter
3160-0814 12V DC Fan - in Electronics Enclosure Assembly

Ferrite Assembly
9170-1535 Split ferrite - Installed inside electronics enclosure

Gear, Zahnrad
C1633-40019 Overdrive Gear Cluster - Mounts to the Left Side Plate of the Plotter Below the Clutch / Overdrive Gear Assembly
C1633-40027 Bail Engaging Lever Gear - Small Gear Mounted on the Support for the Bail Lift Cam Gear and the Bail Lift Engaging Gear (P/O the Bail Lift Mechanism Kit)
C1633-40028 Bail Lift Cam Gear - Large Gear Mounted on the Support for the Bail Lift Cam Gear and the Bail Lift Engaging Gear (P/O the Bail Lift Mechanism Kit)

Gear Assembly
C4705-60089 Clutch / Overdrive Gear Assembly - Mounts Above the Cluster Gear on the Left Side Plate of the Plotter - Includes Gear, Clutch, Retaining Clip and Two Washers

C4704-40109 MIO Board Guide - Installed on MIO Support Housing (2 Used)

Handle, Papier Hebel
C1633-40030 Pinchwheel manual lift handle - Paper loading lever

0510-0083 Retaining E-Ring - Holds Overdrive Gear Assembly in Place

Hardware Kit
C2847-60061 Hardware kit - Package of 6 screws for stand assembly

07575-40012 Male Half of Hinge (on Window) - for Lift-Up Window
07575-40111 Female Half of Hinge (on Chassis) - for Lift-Up Window

C1633-40094 Holder - For 'Help' card and hand held cutter

C1633-00033 MIO support - Metal housing for the plug-in MIO card - Does not include the board guides
C2858-40001 Service Station Housing - Main Housing that the Sled, Wiper and Drop Detect Sensor and Cable Attach to
C4704-60082 Housing Assembly (on Left Side) - Accepts the Left Side (End with Smaller End Cap) of the Paper Spindle Assembly

Keycap, Schalter Kappe
5041-1203 Power switch keycap (White)

Wartungs Kit
5182-7317 Maintenance Kit - Carriage Assy, Left Bail Bracket,Reduction Pulley, Service Station Kit, 'Y' Belt, and a Small End Cap for the Paper Spindle (For Sale in Korea/Asia Pacific ONLY)

C3195-00057 Safety Label - Provides Warning that Encoder Strip is Sharp Should be Placed so it is Visible when Top Cover is Open

C2847-60002 Leg Assembly - Side Support with Foot Bar and 2 Casters (2 Used)

C2847-40013 Bail Engaging Lever - Used to Move Engaging Lever Gear (P/O the Bail Lift Mechanism Kit)

Memory (Product)
C2065A 4MB SIMM Memory Module Upgrade - 80nS, 36 Bit (One SIMM)
C2066A 8MB SIMM Memory Module Upgrade - 80nS, 36 Bit (One SIMM)

Memory (SIMM)
D2152-69001 8MB SIMM Memory Module - 80nS, 36 Bit (C2066A) REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = D2152-63001)
D2156-69001 4MB SIMM Memory Module - 80nS, 36 Bit (C2065A) REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = D2156-63001)
D3578-69001 32MB Parity SIMM Memory Module - 70nS, 36-Bit (D3578A) REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = D3578-63001)

C2847-60221 Motor Assy - 'Y' Axis Drive (Carriage) - with Power Cable

C2848-60003 Motor/Encoder Assy (Includes Helical Drive Gear) - 'X' Axis Drive - NOTE: Motor and Gear are Only Sold as a Set

C1633-20006 'X' axis motor mount
C1633-40089 Overdrive Mount Block - Installed at Both Ends of the Overdrive Assembly (2 Used)

C2858-00017  nameplate - on Left Endcover

Overdrive Assy
C4705-60121 Overdrive Assembly - Mounts Between the Left and Right Side Plates of the Plotter - Includes Roller, Enclosure, Bushings

PC Board, Netzteil, Mainboard
0950-2417 Power supply board
C2858-60105M Interconnect Board - in Electronics Enclosure Assembly
C2858-69207 Main logic board REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = C2858-60104)

C1633-00009 Axial Bias Plate - Installed between the paper drive (Platen) Roller Assembly and the right frame
C2847-00027 SIMM Plate - Covers access to SIMM slot connectors

Platen, Walze
C2847-00041 Entry Platen - Installed over the paper drive (Platen) roller assembly

PostScript Modul
C2882-60001 Adobe's PostScript (Level 2) SIMM Module (P/O C2882A)

Power Module, Netzteil
0950-3170 Power supply module - 209-253VAC input, 47-53Hz - 13VDC output, 300mA - For Europe and Israel - For J2592A

Primer, Pumpe
C2858-60003 Primer assembly - Mounts under the service station assembly on the left side of the plotter

Pulley, Umlenkrolle
07570-60105 Idler Pulley - for Main Drive Belt - on Left End of Plotter
07570-60112 Idler Drive Pulley - Applies Tension to the Pen Carriage Drive Belt (Small Belt) - on Right End of Plotter
C3170-60009 Reduction Pulley - Between the Motor Belt and Carriage Belt

C1633-60020 AC power recptacle assembly - Includes receptacle, wires, grounding lug, and socket to power supply

Reservoir, Resttintenbehälter
C2858-40038 Reservoir - Attaches to left side chassis - Ink absorber is inserted into this reservoir
C2858-40039 Ink drop reservoir - Installs on right side of plotter

C4699-60042 Paper Drive (Platen) Roller Assy - Long Gear Driven Roller - Includes Roller and Mark Encoder (Attached to Left End)

C2847-60021 Media Sensor Assy - Includes Cable - on Right Side of Platen
C2847-60022 Pincharm Sensor - on Right End of Chassis - Includes Cable
C2847-60069 Sensor Assembly (for Lift-Up Window) - under Right Endcover
C2858-60007 Optical Primer Sensor - Mounts to Primer Assembly - Used to Determine Initial Position of the Primer Assembly Cam
C3180-60034 Pincharm Sensor - on Right End of Chassis - Includes Cable

Service Station, Reinigungsstation
C2858-60152 Service Station Kit - Includes Service Station Cap, 4 Primer Tubes, Absorber, Sled, Wiper, Drop Detect Sensor and Bail Sensor Cable

Spindle Kit, Achse für Rollen Papier
C2847-60093 Rollfeed Spindle Rod Assembly - Includes Spindle and End Caps
C3172A D/A1 Rollfeed Spindle Rod Assembly - Includes Spindle and End Caps

Starwheel Mount
C4713-60035 Starwheel Mount Assembly (9 Used) - Includes: Cover, Body, Spring and Two Starwheels - Mounts on the Bail Assembly (Note: Part Number is for One Starwheel Mount Assembly ONLY)

Strip, Encoder
C4713-60098 Encoder Strip Assembly - Connects from Left to Right Side of Plotter - Includes Encoder Strip and Encoder Strip Spring

C2847-40015 Cam Gear Support - Supports Bail Lift Cam Gear - Mounted on Y-Tensioner Bracket (P/O the Bail Lift Mechanism Kit)

Switch, Schalter
C2847-60044 Power switch assembly - Includes cable

Wedge, Umlenk Mechanik
07550-40104 Tensioning Wedge - for the Pen Carriage Drive Belt Pulley - (Mounts on the Right Side of the Chassis)

C2847-40003 Lift-Up Viewing Window - on Top of Chassis

HP DesignJet 650C C2858A Plotter Ersatzteile


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