Belt, Antriebsriemen, Zahnriemen
C7769-60182  Carriage belt - Drives the carriage assembly - For use with 24-inch plotters 

Cable Kit, Flachbandkabel, Trailing-Kabel
C7769-60305 Carriage assembly trailing cable kit - Includes installation instructions, trailing cables, two mounting clips, and a ferrite - Cables are 1.4m (4.7ft) long with 30 pin (M) edge connectors - For use with 24-inch plotters

C7769-60406 Cover kit for drive roller encoder sensor

C7769-60254 Encoder disk assembly - Helps provide position the information of the paper

C7769-60375 Carriage (scan-axis) motor assembly - Includes cable
C7769-60377 Paper axis motor assembly - Includes cables

C7769-60384 Drive roller encoder sensor

C4699-00016 Encoder spring

Strip, Encoder
C7769-60183 Encoder strip 24-inch
C7770-60013 Encoder strip 42-inch

C7769-60409 Bracket kit - Includes the left cutter guide bracket and left encoder holder

Cutter, Messer
C7769-60390 Cutter assembly

C7769-60179 Cutter guide - Guide bar for the cutter assembly - For 24-inch plotters

Cable Kit, Kabel-Baum
C7769-60298 Ribbon cable kit - Includes installation instructions and ribbon cable with ferrite - Cable has 40 pin (F) connectors - 1.6m (5.1ft) long

C7769-60407 Vacuum fan assembly

PC Board, Mainboard, Hauptelektronik
CH336-67001 Formatter (main logic) board - For the Designjet 510 printer series
CH336-67002 Electronics module - Contains main logic board, connectors for plug-in cards, connector for parallel interface cable, connector for USB cable, and cooling fan

Power Supply, Netzteil
CH336-67012 Power supply assembly - For the Designjet 510 printer series

Case Parts Cover
CH336-67003 Right side cover assembly (Light Gray) - For the DesignJet 510 printer series
CH336-67004 Left side cover (Light Gray) - For the Designjet 510 printer series
CH336-67005 Top cover assembly (Light Gray) - With window - For the 24-inch DesignJet 510 series printer

CH336-67006 Deflector kit - For the 24-inch DesignJet 510 printer series

Front Panel, Bedienfeld
CH336-67008 Front panel service kit - For the Designjet 510 printer series

Ink Supply Station, Pumpe, Patronen-Halterung
CH336-67010 Ink Supply Station (ISS) - Includes ink pump motor, pump sensor, and out-of-ink sensors

Ink Tubes Assembly, Schlauch-System, Schläuche
C7769-60381 Ink tubes assembly - Includes 4 ink tubes complete with hardware assemblies at both ends (carriage crane and ink supply station crane), and 4 setup pens - For the 24-inch Designjet 500/800 printer series

Printhead, Setup, Setup-Köpfe
C7769-60164 Setup printhead kit - Used to prime the ink tubes - Includes 4 setup printheads

Maintenance Kit, Wartungs-Kit
C7769-60394 Maintenance Kit - Contains lubricant, gloves, cotton wipe, spring tensioner, foams, tubes, belt, encoder strip, setup pens, trailing cable, service station, cutter, and carriage - For use with the 24-inch DesignJet 500/800 plotters

Gear Assembly
C7769-60408 Paper drive transmission gear kit - Includes two gears used to drive the paper drive roller

C7769-60289 Media deflector holders - For the Designjet 500/800 printer series

Platen, Walze
C7769-60174 Front platen kit - Includes platens for both the 24-inch and the 42-inch models
C7769-60410 Back platen assembly - Curved cover/guide that is installed below the paper drive roller - For use with 24-inch plotters

C7769-60412 Paper drive roller kit - Includes roller assembly, bushings, gear on roller, transmission gear kit, encoder disc, end thrust (axial) spring, lint free cloth, rubber glove, and instruction sheets - For use with 24-inch plotters

Rollfeed Assembly
CH336-67009 Rollfeed assembly - For the DesignJet 510 series printer

C7769-60379 Media sensor - Installed in the front of the rear platen 

C7769-60391 Service station bracket - Installed on right-side of service station

Lifter, blauer Hebel
C7769-60181 Pincharm lift mechanism - Includes cam (a long bar) , cam bushings, pincharm lever, pincharm lever bushing

C7769-60385 Interconnect PC board - Installed in right-side of printer 

Pincharm, Stahlrollen
C7769-60175 Pincharm assembly with wheels

C7769-60378 Pincharm sensor - Installed in right front of print chassis

Service Station, Reinigungs-Station
C7769-60374 Service station - Includes wipers, pen caps, and the right hand spittoon

Spittoon, Resttintenbehälter
C7769-60165 Left spittoon assembly - Contains absorbers which hold excess ink from printheads

Tensioner , Umlenkrolle
C7769-60176 Belt tensioner kit - Keeps carriage belt tight - Includes pulley and pulley mount bracket

Foot, Ständer
C7769-60411 Foot kit - Contains four rubber feet for bottom of plotter - For the DesignJet 500/510/800 printer series, Part C7769-60411 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, CH336-67013
Hardware Kit
C7769-60405 Hardware kit - Includes various screws and nuts for the stand and touch screen assembly

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