C4723-60279 Bail assembly - Mounting strip assembly for the starwheel mount assemblies (Not included) - Extends width of plotter

Belt, Zahnriemen, Antriebsriemen
C4723-60235 Carriage (Y-axis) belt - Drives the carriage assembly

Bracket C4704-00005 Y-Axis Motor Bracket - Holds Y-Axis Motor - Includes Edge Wire Saddle

C4704-60199 Brake/housing assembly (on right side) - Accepts the flange end of the spindle rod assembly - Includes the 2 housing pieces, 2 brake shoes, brake gear, brake lever, and springs

C1633-40082 Bushing - Retains Spring on Shaft of Pincharm Assembly
C3195-40076 Bushing - Attaches to Rear of Cutter Assembly - Connects Cutter Assembly to Slider Rod
C4704-40084 Rear Slider Rod Bushing (Spring Loaded) - Slides into the Rear Center of the Carriage Assembly

Cable, Kabel
C4704-60021 Hard Drive Power Cable - From Drive to Main Board
C4704-60022 Hard Drive Data Cable - From Drive to Main Board
C4704-60024 Service Station Interconnect Cable - Ribbon Cable from Service Station Interconnect Board to Main Board
C4723-60025 Refill Interconnect Cable - Ribbon Cable from Refill Interconnect Board to Main Board
C4723-60237 Trailing Cable - 3 Ribbon Cables from Carriage Board to Main Board, Flachbandkabel

C3180-40020 Pincharm Cam - Attached to Pincharm (Media) Lever
C3190-60149 Cam Jour l - Mounted on End of Pincharm Shaft (2 Used)

Carriage Kit, Schlitten, Druckkopf Wagen
C4723-69096 Carriage assembly - Includes carriage assembly, line sensor, encoder, rear bushing, calibration pen, digitizing sight, guages - Trailing cable and cable clamp not included REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = C4723-60096)

C4704-40085 Trailing Cable Clamp - Secures the Trailing Cable to the Carriage Assembly
C4723-40086 Trailing cable holder

Cleaning Supplies, Reinigungs Werkzeug
C6247A DesignJet cleaning kit - Includes cleaning solution and 20 cleaning rags

C4704-00004 MIO (Modular Input/Output) Cover - Mounted on Top of Electronics Module
C4704-00033 SIMM Cover - Covers SIMM Slots on Electronics Module
C4704-40057 Electronics Module Left Cover - Louvered Cover on Rear of Plotter
C4704-40058 Electronics Module Right Cover - Mounted on Rear of Plotter
C4704-40080 Encoder Strip Roof - Mounted in Carriage Assembly Over the Encoder Strip
C4704-60117 Line Sensor Lens Cover - Mounted on Carriage Assembly
C4704-60274 Electronics Module Cover - Mounted on Rear of Plotter - Includes SIMM Cover
C4723-00010 Rear Cover - Located Next to the Electronics Module Cover
C4723-20008 Electronics Module Center Cover - Located Between the Electronics Module Cover and the Rear Cover
C4723-60115 Right end cover - Has cut outs for the control panel
C4723-60116 Left End Cover (Cover  meplate Mounts on)
C4723-60245 Rollfeed access cover - Opens forward to allow access to paper spindle assembly

C4723-60077 Cross-brace - Main structure that extends between stand legs

Cutter, Messer
C4723-60244 Cutter Assembly - Auto Cutter for Rollfeed Paper

Drive, Festplatte, HDD
C4724-69021 4.3GB Hard Disk Drive - Mounts in the Electronics Enclosure (This Drive Used as a Replacement for the Original 2.0GB Hard Drive) REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = C4724-60021)

Elevator, Lifter, Aufzug
C4704-60033 Elevator platform assembly - Raises and lowers ink cartridges to fill the print heads - Located on left side of plotter

End Cap, Spindel C2858-40043 Spindle End Cap (Small) (or Core Spacer) - on the Left End of the Spindle Rod - Removes for Loading the Media Roll

Fan, Lüfter See Description Cooling Fan is Part of the Electronics Module - Please Refer to Module

C4723-69294 Firmware SIMM kit (Revision A.04.08) - Mounts in the electronics module - NOTE: this is not a postscript SIMM REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = C4723-60294)

C4704-40007 Service station flag - Spring loaded flag on right side of service station

C4723-60086 Foot Assembly (Includes Casters) - Mounts to the Bottom of Left and Right Plotter Stand Legs (2 Used)

Front Panel, Bedienfeld
C4704-60255 Front (Control) panel and cable assembly - Includes function buttons and display

Gear, Zahnrad
C1633-40019 Cluster Gear - Mounts to the Left Side Plate of the Plotter - Between the Paper Drive Roller Gear and the Overdrive Gear

Ground Strap
C4704-00016 Encoder ground strap - Provides ground to end of encoder strip
C4704-00035 Ground strap - Attached to Y-AXIS bracket

C4723-60250 Starguard Assembly - Covers the Starwheel Assemblies

C4723-60110 Media Guide - Mounted Above the Entry Platen - Media Load Button Mounts on Right End

Hardware Kit
C4723-60095 Hardware Kit - Screwdriver and Screws for Printer Stand

C4704-60218 Quick Reference Holder Pocket - Holds Quick Reference Guides and Media Knife - Mounted on Rear of Right End Cover

C4704-60082 Housing Assembly (on Left Side) - Accepts the Left Side (End with Smaller End Cap) of the Paper Spindle Assembly

C6236A DesignJet CP ink system storage container - Holds printheads and printhead cleaners when not in use

Wartungs Kit
C4723-60141 Preventive Maintenance Kit - Contains line sensor cover, encoder strip, Y-AXIS pulley, belt, motor, cutter, silicon grease, plastic surface cleaner, synthetic oil and wipes
C4723-60238 Adjustment kit - Includes instructions, empty cartridge, digitizing sight (magnifier) and gauge

C4704-60075 Leg Assembly - Side Support for the Plotter (2 Used) - Does NOT Include the Foot Assembly

Lever, Sensor
C4704-40059 Pinch arm (media) lever - Used when loading paper

C4723-00025 Front Wire Link - Connected From Pincharm Cam to Spring Loaded Cam on Right Side Plate of Printer

Memory (Product)
C6229A 4MB SIMM Memory Module Upgrade
C6230A 8MB SIMM Memory Module Upgrade
C6231A 16MB SIMM Memory Module Upgrade
C6232A 32MB SIMM Memory Module Upgrade for DesignJet 400 and 700CP

Memory (SIMM)
1818-6171 4MB EDO (Extended Data Output) DRAM SIMM (C6229A)
C4723-60263 8MB EDO (Extended Data Output) DRAM SIMM
C4723-60264 16MB EDO (Extended Data Output) DRAM SIMM (C6231A)

Module, Netzteil, Mainboard
C4723-69114 Electronics module - Includes power supply, fan, and main board REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = C4723-60114)

C4723-60040 Bail Motor - Mounted on Left Side Plate
C4723-60277 Carriage (Y-Axis) motor assembly - Drives carriage belt - Includes motor, motor holder, and cable
C4723-60303 X-Axis Motor Assembly - Mounted on Right Side of Printer - Includes Motor, Belt, and Worm Gear - No Longer Supplied - Order X-Axis Motor Assembly Kit
C4724-60053 X-Axis motor assembly kit - New design does not use a belt - Kit includes motor with attached worm gear, helical gear, motor mount, screws and nuts for mounting the parts, grease for the helical gear, installation instructions

Overdrive Assy
C4723-60234 Overdrive Assembly - Mounted Between the Left and Right Side Plates of the Plotter Below Bail Assembly - Includes Overdrive Shims

PC Board, Elektronik Boards
C4704-60009 Refill Interconnect Board - Mounted on Left Side Plate of Plotter

See Description Power Supply and Main Logic PC Board are Part of the Electronics Module - Please Refer to Module

C4723-60247 Pincharm Assembly - Curved Black Plastic Plate with 4 Small Rubber Rollers (Does NOT Include Spring or Bushing) (11 Used)

Platen, Walze
C4723-60246 Entry Platen Assembly - Curved cover/guide that is next to the paper drive (Platen) roller

Pulley, Umlenkrolle
C4704-60020 Idler pulley - For carriage (Y-axis) belt - On right end of plotter

Refill Assembly, Auffüll Station
C4723-60249 Refill assembly - Mounted inside the left hand cover - Includes motor and gears

C4723-60242 Paper Drive (Platen) Roller Assy - Long Gear Driven Roller

0460-2536 Edge Wire Saddle - Installed in Y-Axis Bracket

C4704-60029 Right End Cover and Window Closed Sensors - Includes Cable and Connector - Plugs Into Front Control Panel
C4704-60052 Pincharm Sensor - Mounted on Right Side Plate
C4704-60058 Left End Cover Sensor - Includes Cable and Connector - Plugs Into Refill Interconnect Board
C4704-60195 Media Sensor Assembly - Mounts to Right Side of the Entry Platen - Includes, Edge Measuring and Secondary Levers, Media Sensor and Holder
C4723-60096 Line Sensor - Mounted on Carriage Assembly - Detects Paper Width and Skew - Measures Calibration Accuracy and Printhead Alignment - No Longer Supplied - Order Carriage Kit
C4723-69071 Take-up Reel Sensor Assembly - Mounted Near Bottom of Right Leg REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = C4723-60071)

Service Station, Reinigungs Station
C4723-60276 Service Station - Mounted on Right Side of Plotter - Holds the Print Head Cleaner Cartridge

C4723-60240 Pincharm Shaft Assembly - Lever Actuated Shaft That Releases the Pincharms - Includes Cam Jour ls Mounted on Each End

C4723-60147 Spacer/media guide for the supply spindle

Spindle, Achse für Rollen Papier
C4723-60064 Take-up reel spindle assembly
C4723-60241 Rollfeed spindle rod assembly - Includes flange and core spindle spacer
C6248A Rollfeed Spindle Rod Assembly - Includes Flange and Core Spindle Spacer

Starwheel Mount
C4704-60143 Big Starwheel Mount Assembly (2 Used) - Includes: Cover, Body, Spring and Two Starwheels - Mounts on the Bail Assembly (Part Number is for One Starwheel Mount Assy Only)
C4713-60035 Starwheel Mount Assembly (19 Used) - Includes: Cover, Body, Spring and Two Starwheels - Mounts on the Bail Assembly (Note: Part Number is for One Starwheel Mount Assembly ONLY)

Strip, Encoder
C4723-60232 Encoder Strip - Used to Determine Carriage Position - Connects from Left to Right Side of Plotter

C4704-40026 Roller Support Bracket - Installed on Left Side Plate
C4723-60072 Take-up Reel Left Hand Support Assembly - Mounted on Left Leg
C4723-60090 Electronics support frame and cover supports - Includes the support located above the refill interconnect cable and the two supports used to mount the rear cover
C6246-69009 Take-up Reel Right Hand Support Assembly - Mounted on Right Leg

Switch, Schalter
C4704-60056 Power switch - Includes cable
C4704-60261 Stand-By Switch - Mounted in Right End Cover
C4723-60017 Media Load Button Assembly - Mounted on Media Guide

Tensioner, Umlenkrolle
C4723-60063 Y-Axis Tensioner Assembly - Applise Tension to Carriage Belt - Includes Wedge, Tensioner Spring and Housing

C4723-60084 Plotter Stand Tray - Mounted Between the Feet of Plotter

Tube Kit
C4723-60060 Media Weight and Core Kit - Used for the Take-up Reel

C4723-60236 Lift-Up Viewing Window - on Top of Chassis

HP DesignJet 3000CP C4732A Plotter Ersatzteile


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