Absorber Ink Absorber - Part of Spittoon Assembly - Order Spittoon

C3190-60095 Bail Assembly - Includes Bail, Starwheels, and Brackets

Belt, Antriebsriemen, Zahnriemen
C4705-60082 Carriage belt - Long/wide belt attached to the carriage

C1633-40082 Bushing - Retains Spring on Shaft of Pincharm Assembly (5 Used)

C3180-60012 Cable - from Main Logic Board to Paper (X-Axis) Drive Motor
C4713-60181 Trailing Cable - from Electronics Module to Carriage Assy
C4713-60182 Bail Link (Cable) - Between the Bail Engaging Lever and the Bail Gear Assembly

Carriage, Schlitten, Wagen
C4694-60050 Carriage assembly - Includes carriage PC board

1492-0145 Lockable Caster Assembly - Includes Stem and Washer (4 Used)

Control Panel, Bedienfeld
C3180-60010 Control Panel - Mounts in Control Panel Support
C3190-60144 Control panel assembly - Mounts in right side cover - Includes control panel, panel support, and cover sensor

C3190-60082 Rear Cover - has Cut-outs to Access SIMM Slot, Interface Connectors, and AC Receptacle
C4694-40001 Primer Assembly Cover - Mounted on Top of Primer Assembly
C4694-40002 Carriage Top Cover - S ps in Place
C4699-00015 SIMM Cover - Attaches to Rear Cover over Optio l SIMM Slot
C4699-40003 Cover - Lift up top cover
C4699-40004 Left End Cover - This is the Cover the  meplate attaches to
C4699-40005 Right End Cover - has Cut-outs to Access Control Panel Assy

C3192-60001 Cross-brace - Main structure that extends between stand legs

Fan, Lüfter See Description Cooling Fan is Part of the Electronics Module - Please Refer to Module

C3190-60168 ROM SIMM (Rev A.01.06) - Plugs into main logic board slot

C4696-60006 Mounts to the Bottom of Left and Right Plotter Stand Legs (2 Used) - When replacing feet (new style) , you must order new style legs (C4696-60007)

Handle, Papier Hebel
C3190-40029 Handle - Right side of plotter - To load paper

Hardware Kit
C4704-60095 Hardware Kit - Used to Assemble Printer Stand - Includes Screw Driver, Screws, Washers and Media Bin Retaining Clips

C3190-40041 Top Cover Hinge (3 Used)

C3190-40052 Holder - for Quick Reference Guide - on Right End Cover

C3190-40045 Keycap - for Power Switch

C3195-00057 Safety Label - Provides Warning that Encoder Strip is Sharp Should be Placed so it is Visible when Top Cover is Open
C4705-00017 Instruction Label - Mounts on Top of Left End Cover

C4696-60007 Leg Assembly - Side Support for the Plotter (2 Used) - Does NOT Include the Foot Assembly

6040-0858 Special Lubricating Oil - for Carriage Slider Rod Surface (4-ounce Plastic Bottle of Synthetic Oil)
C3190-60155 Grease - for Helical Gear (Drive Roller Gear) & Overdrive Bushings and Back Slider Wheel

Magazine Cooling Fan is Part of the Electronics Module - Please Refer to Module

Memory (Product)
C2065A 4MB SIMM Memory Module Upgrade - 80nS, 36 Bit (One SIMM)
C2066A 8MB SIMM Memory Module Upgrade - 80nS, 36 Bit (One SIMM)
D2297A 16MB Parity SIMM Memory Module Upgrade - 70nS, 36 Bit (Product Includes One SIMM) 
D3578A 32MB Parity SIMM Memory Module Upgrade - 70nS, 36 Bit (Product Includes One SIMM)

Memory (SIMM)
D2152-69001 8MB SIMM Memory Module - 80nS, 36 Bit (C2066A) REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = D2152-63001)
D2156-69001 4MB SIMM Memory Module - 80nS, 36 Bit (C2065A) REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = D2156-63001)
D2297-69001 16MB Parity SIMM Memory Module - 70nS, 36 Bit (D2297A) REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = D2297-63001)
D2298-69001 32MB Parity SIMM Memory Module - 70nS, 36 Bit (D2298A) REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = D3578-63001)
D3578-69001 32MB Parity SIMM Memory Module - 70nS, 36-Bit (D3578A) REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = D3578-63001)

Module (Product)
J4101B Exter l JetDirect LAN Interface Module with EtherTwist (10Base-T/100Base-TX) Connector
J4102B Exter l JetDirect LAN interface module with EtherTwist (10Base-T) connector

C3190-60145 Carriage Motor Assembly - Includes Cable
C3190-60169 Media Motor/Encoder Assy - with Motor Power Cable

C4694-00001  meplate - Attaches to Front of Left Side Cover

PC Board, Netzteil, Mainboard   Power Supply and Main Logic PC Board are Part of the Electronics Module - Please Refer to Module

C4699-60081 Pincharm Assembly - Curved Black Plastic Plate with 4 Small Rubber Rollers (Does NOT Include Spring or Bushing) (5 Used)

Power Module, Netzteil
0950-2372 Power supply module - 100-240VAC input, 47-63Hz, requires separate AC power cord - 5VDC output, 1A, 5 watts - For J2382/83A/B
0950-3170 Power supply module - 209-253VAC input, 47-53Hz - 13VDC output, 300mA - For Europe and Israel - For J2592A
0950-3349 Power Module - for JetDirect Modules and Infrared Interface Models J2590/91/93/94A, J2964A, J3258A/B, J3263/64/65A, J3282B, J4101A/B, J4102A/B - 230V in Europe/Israel

Power Supply, Netzteil
0950-2623 Power Supply Board and Sticker to Upgrade Power Supply Module for Serial Numbers Between ESA5900000 and ESA5A99999

Primer, Reinigungs-Station, Pumpe
C4699-60003 Primer assembly - Mounted on left side of plotter

Pulley, Umlenkrolle
C3190-60132 Idler Pulley - for Main Drive Belt - on Left End of Plotter - Includes Pully, Shaft and Spacer

C3190-60096 Overdrive Roller - Shaft W/Rollers - Runs Width of Plotter Includes Overdrive Housing
C4699-60042 Paper Drive (Platen) Roller Assy - Long Gear Driven Roller - Includes Roller and Mark Encoder (Attached to Left End)

C3190-60012 Cover Sensor Assembly - No Longer Separately Available - Order the Control Panel Assembly
C3190-60140 Media Sensor Mech Assembly - Mounts to Right Side of the Entry Platen - Includes, Edge Measuring and Secondary Levers, Media Sensor and Holder

C3190-60013 Ink Separator - Mounted to Back of Primer Assembly - 8 Tubes Plug into Separator

Service Station, Reinigungs-Station
C3190-60142 Service Station Assembly - Mounted Behind Primer Assembly on Left Side of Plotter Chassis

Spittoon, Resttintenbehälter
C3190-60004 'Spittoon' Assembly - Contains Absorbers Which Hold Excess Ink From Cartridges (Mounts on Right Side of Plotter)

C1633-80005 Compression Spring - Goes Between Pincharm Assy and Bushing (5 Used)
C3190-80010 Belt Tensioner Spring - Mounted to Carriage Motor Assembly

C3192A Optio l Stand - Includes Legs, Casters and Brace (Does NOT Include the Paper Bin)

Starwheel Mount
C4713-60035 Starwheel Mount Assembly (10 Used) - Includes: Cover, Body, Spring and Two Starwheels - Mounts on the Bail Assembly (Note: Part Number is for One Starwheel Mount Assembly ONLY)

Strip, Encoder
C4713-60098 Encoder Strip Assembly - Connects from Left to Right Side of Plotter - Includes Encoder Strip and Encoder Strip Spring

C3190-40026 Control Panel Support - Mounts in Right Side Cover (Support is No Longer Available - Order the Control )

HP DesignJet 230 C4694A Ersatzteile


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