C3190-60095 Bail Assembly - Includes Bail, Starwheels, and Brackets

Bail Lift Mechanism
C2858-60209 Bail Lift Mechanism Kit - Includes Cam Gear, Engaging Lever, Engaging Lever Gear, Engaging Lever Spring, Y-Tensioner Bracket, Bail Lift Cam, Cam Gear Support, Screws, Washers

Belt, Zahnriemen, Antriebsriemen
1500-0855 'Y' Axis Belt - from Carriage Motor to Reduction Pulley
C2847-00029 Carriage belt

C2847-00005 Media Bin Back - for Top of Wire Rack Below Plotter
C2847-00006 Media Bin Front - Main Part of Wire Rack Below Plotter
C2847-00012 Media Bin Adjust - Adjustable Media Bottom Stop in Wire Rack

07575-40125 Drive-Tensioner Bracket - Holds Pen Carriage Drive Belt Tensioning Wedge
C1633-00132 Encoder Spring Bracket - Installed on Right Side of Plotter
C1633-40037 Bail Bracket - Located on Right End of Bail
C1633-40038 Bail Bracket - Located on Left End of Bail
C1633-40093 Encoder Strip Bracket - Installed on Left Side of Service Station
C1633-60029 Y-Drive Assembly Bracket - on Right Side of Plotter
C2847-00051 Y-Tensioner Bracket - Installed on Left Side Plate - (P/O the Bail Lift Mechanism Kit)
C3180-40013 Bracket for Bail Switch Assembly - Installed to the Right Side Plate of the Plotter

C1633-20034 Bushing for reduction pulley
C1633-40082 Bushing - Retains Spring on Shaft of Pincharm Assembly

Cable, Kabel
C2847-60005 Cable - from Power Supply to Main Logic Board
C2847-60019 Ribbon Cable - from Main Logic Bd to 'X' Encoder (on Motor)
C3180-60007 Trailing Cable - from Main Logic Board to Carriage Board

C1633-40052 Bail Lift Cam - Activates the Bail Lift Lever (P/O the Bail Lift Mechanism Kit)
C2847-20005 Pincharm Bar Cam - Long Rod From Left to Right Side of Printer - Used to Lift the Pincharms
C3180-40020 Pincharm Cam - Attached to Pincharm (Media) Lever
C3190-60149 Cam Jour l - Mounted on End of Pincharm Shaft (2 Used)

Carriage, Wagen, Schlitten
C1633-60120 Carriage Assy - Includes Carriage PC Board - Can Be Used on any Plotter Regardless of Version of Firmware ROMS
C2847-60071 Carriage Assy - Includes Carriage PC Board - Can be Used on Any Plotter That Has Firmware ROMS of Version A.01.01 or

Plotters with Serial Prefix ESA3700101 thru ESA4699999 May Need to Upgrade Firmware to Version A.01.01 or Higher and Install New Carriage if Having Print Problems

9170-1533 Clamp - Holds ferrite in place within electronics enclosure

Control Panel, Bedien-Feld
C3180-60010 Control Panel - Mounts Behind Left Side of Front Panel Bezel

C1633-40003 Service Station Cover - Installed Directly Over the Service Station Cap
C3180-00003 Electronics enclosure - The larger of the two metal covers for the area containing the main PC board and power supply
C3180-00004 Electronics enclosure - The smaller of the two metal covers for the area containing the main PC board and power supply
C3180-00005 Cover - Top center of plotter
C3180-40003 Left end cover assembly - For end of upper stand (Chassis)
C3180-40004 Right end cover - For end of upper stand (Chassis) assembly
C3180-60008 Bottom cover

C1633-00068 Door for tensioner housing
C3180-40015 Door - On right half of front panel bezel
C3180-40016 Help card lock - mounts to top of fold out front panel door

Fan, Lüfter
3160-0814 12V DC Fan - in Electronics Enclosure Assembly

Gear, Zahnrad
C1633-40019 Overdrive Gear Cluster - Mounts to the Left Side Plate of the Plotter Below the Clutch / Overdrive Gear Assembly
C1633-40027 Bail Engaging Lever Gear - Small Gear Mounted on the Support for the Bail Lift Cam Gear and the Bail Lift Engaging Gear (P/O the Bail Lift Mechanism Kit)
C1633-40028 Bail Lift Cam Gear - Large Gear Mounted on the Support for the Bail Lift Cam Gear and the Bail Lift Engaging Gear (P/O the Bail
Lift Mechanism Kit)
Helical Drive Gear - Not Available Separately - Order the Motor/Gear

Gear Assembly
C4705-60089 Clutch / Overdrive Gear Assembly - Mounts Above the Cluster Gear on the Left Side Plate of the Plotter - Includes Gear, Clutch, Retaining Clip and Two Washers

C2847-00014 Trailing cable front guide (Tray)
C3180-40018 Media Guide - Mounted on Front of Overdrive Enclosure (2 Used)

Handle, Papier Hebel
C3180-40017 Handle - Right side of plotter - Raise to load paper

0510-0083 Retaining E-Ring - Holds Overdrive Gear Assembly in Place
0570-1316 Hex Standoff - for RS-232C Connector (2 Used)

C1633-40001 Service station housing - The base of the service station assembly
C1633-40065 Tensioner housing - Holds the tensioner wedge and tensioner spring for the carriage drive belt idler pulley
C3180-40012 Switch housing (mount) - For protecting the power switch

5041-1203 Power switch keycap (White)

Kit, Wartungs Kit
5182-7322 Maintenance Kit - Includes Carriage Assembly, Wiper Pad, Left Bail Bracket, Reduction Pulley, 'Y' Belt and a Service Station Kit
C2847-60083 Service Station Kit - Includes Sled, Fitting Caps and Service Station Caps

C2847-60002 Leg Assembly - Side Support with Foot Bar and 2 Casters (2 Used)

Lever, Sensor
C2847-40013 Bail Engaging Lever - Used to Move Engaging Lever Gear (P/O the Bail Lift Mechanism Kit)

C2847-60221 Motor Assy - 'Y' Axis Drive (Carriage) - with Power Cable
C3180-60005 Motor - Left Side of Plotter - Raises Cartridge Wiper Assy

C2848-60003 Motor/Encoder Assy (Includes Helical Drive Gear) - 'X' Axis Drive - NOTE: Motor and Gear are Only Sold as a Set

Overdrive/Bail Kit
C3190-60138 Overdrive and bail kit - Includes left and right bail brackets, 10 starwheel mount assemblies, bail lift mechanism kit, overdrive roller, overdrive enclosure, media guides

PC Board, Elektronik
0950-2417 Power supply board, Netzteil
C3180-69102 Main logic board REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = C3180-60102), Mainboard

C1633-60039 Pincharm Assembly - Curved Black Plastic Plate with 4 Small Rubber Rollers (Does NOT Include Spring or Bushing) (4 Used)

Platen, Walze
C3180-00002 Entry Platen - Large structure in front of platen roller

Power Module, Netzteil
0950-2372 Power supply module - 100-240VAC input, 47-63Hz, requires separate AC power cord - 5VDC output, 1A, 5 watts - For J2382/83A/B
0950-3170 Power supply module - 209-253VAC input, 47-53Hz - 13VDC output, 300mA - For Europe and Israel - For J2592A
0950-3349 Power Module - for JetDirect Modules and Infrared Interface Models J2590/91/93/94A, J2964A, J3258A/B, J3263/64/65A, J3282B, J4101A/B, J4102A/B - 230V in Europe/Israel

Pulley, Umlenkrolle
07570-60105 Idler Pulley - for Main Drive Belt - on Left End of Plotter
07570-60112 Idler Drive Pulley - Applies Tension to the Pen Carriage Drive Belt (Small Belt) - on Right End of Plotter
C3170-60009 Reduction Pulley - Between 'Y' Axis Belt and Carriage Belt

C3190-60040 OverDrive Roller - Shaft W/Rollers - Runs Width of Plotter
C4699-60042 Paper Drive (Platen) Roller Assy - Long Gear Driven Roller - Includes Roller and Mark Encoder (Attached to Left End)

C3180-60001 Media Sensor Assembly - under Right Side of Entry Platen
C3180-60009 Sensor - for Lift-up View Window - Right Side of Plotter
C3180-60034 Pincharm Sensor - on Right End of Chassis - Includes Cable

Sensor Mechanism
C3190-60130 Sensor Mechanism - the Mechanical Parts used with the Media Sensor - Does NOT Include the Media Sensor Assembly

C3192A Optio l Stand - Includes Legs, Casters and Brace (Does NOT Include the Paper Bin)

Starwheel Mount
C4713-60035 Starwheel Mount Assembly (9 or 10 Used) - Includes Cover, Body, Spring, Two Starwheels - Mounts on the
Bail Assembly (Note: Part Number is for One Starwheel Mount Assembly ONLY)

Strip, Encoder
C4713-60098 Encoder Strip Assembly - Connects from Left to Right Side of Plotter - Includes Encoder Strip and Encoder Strip Spring

C2847-40015 Cam Gear Support - Supports Bail Lift Cam Gear - Mounted on Y-Tensioner Bracket (P/O the Bail Lift Mechanism Kit)

C3180-60002 Bail Switch Assembly - Installed on Right Side of Plotter

07550-40104 Tensioning Wedge - for the Pen Carriage Drive Belt Pulley - (Mounts on the Right Side of the Chassis)
07570-40105 Tensioning Wedge - for the Carriage Drive Belt Idler Pulley (Mounts on the Left Side of the Chassis)

C3180-60039 Lift-Up Viewing Window Assembly - on Top of Chassis

Wiper, Reiniger
C1633-40006 Wiper Pad - Part of Wiper Assembly
C3180-60014 Wiper Assy - Left Side of Plotter - Part of Service Station - Includes Wiper Rocker, Wiper Rod and Wiper Pad

HP DesignJet 200 C3180A Ersatzteile


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