Mehrfach Rollen Zuführung für HP DesignJet 1000 Series,

C2394-60015 Roller Bearing - Attaches to the ends of the transport roller - 2 used

C2394-60027 Media basket

Clutch, Kupplung
C2394-60023 Drive Clutch - Attaches to the spindle drive motor - 3 used

C2394-60003 Front bottom cover
C2394-60004 Left side cover
C2394-60005 Right side cover
C2394-60006 Rear bottom cover
C2394-60007 Front top cover
C2394-60008 Rear top cover

C2394-60010 Right door
C2394-60011 Left door

C6075-69249 Firmware DIMM (Revision A.01.13) - Mounts in the Electronics Module - PostScript version REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = C6075-60249)

C2394-60009 Foot Assembly - Includes castors

Hardware Kit
C2394-60026 Hardware Kit - Includes various Torx drivers, Hex drivers, Nut drivers, 0.3 x 2 flat head driver, cable ties, tie downs , screws, washers, and nuts

Input Assembly
C2394-60012 Infeed unit - Feeds media into the plotter
C2394-60020 Motion control unit - Includes the motion control sensor

Lever, Sensor
C2394-60024 Left and Right Roller Levers - 6 used

Module, Elektronik Boards
C2394-60025 Electronics module chassis - Includes top cover

C2394-60022 Spindle Drive Motor - Drives the paper spindles - 3 used

PC Board, Netzteil, Mainboard
C2394-60001 Power Supply Unit - 100V - 2240V, 159W, 47-63Hz
C2394-60002 Main logic PC board

C2394-60017 Left and Right Spindle Retainers - Holds the media spindle - 6 used

C2394-60013 Riding Roller - 3 used
C2394-60014 Transport roller

C2394-60019 Motion control sensor
C2394-60021 Channel Sensor - 4 used

Spindle, Achse für Rollen Papier
C2394-60016 Media Spindle - Holds media of differnt size - 3 used

Wiring Harness, Kabel Baum
C2394-60018 Wiring harness

Multi-Roll Feeder C2394C für 1000 serie Plotter Ersatzteile


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