ARSS Assembly
C6072-60150 Automatic roll sheet switch (ARSS) assembly - Small, long roller and housing - Used to feed cut sheet media

ARSS Parts Kit
C6071-60155 Automatic Roll Sheet Switch (ARSS) Parts Kit - ARSS Torsion Spring, ARSS Axle Gear, ARSS Switch Lever - Installed on Left Side of Print Chassis

Air Pressure System, Druckluft System
C6072-60016 Air Pressurization System (APS) - Includes Pump, Valve, Pressure Sensor, and APS Housing - Installed Under the Ink Supply Station

C6072-60199 Cutter actuator arm

Belt, Zahnriemen, Antriebsriemen
C6072-60198 Carriage drive belt kit - Includes belt and oil

C6072-60208 Media bin - Between printer stand legs

C6072-60188 Rear cover mounting bracket kit - Includes left and right brackets

C4704-40084 Rear Slider Rod Bushing (Spring Loaded) - Slides into the Rear Center of the Carriage Assembly

Cable, Flachband Kabel
C6072-60196 Carriage trailing cable kit - Includes cable, trailing cable clip, nye oil, cover cap, trailing cable ferrite, ferrite holder

Carriage, Schlitten, Druckkopf Wagen
C6072-69147 Carriage assembly kit - Includes carriage, carriage height tool cutter assembly, and line sensor - Does not include cable REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = C6072-60147)

C6072-60151 Clutch assembly - Includes lever, 2 gears, a spring, and the shaft that they ride on

C6072-60165 Right cover - Includes aerosol fan cable and front panel cable - Does not include front panel assembly
C6072-60167 Left cover
C6072-60168 Top cover - Covers the top of the print mechanism (Not the window)
C6072-60169 Back cover
C6072-60170 Back EMC Cover - Installed Between the Rear Cover and the Print Mechanism
C6072-60171 Left Rear Cover Kit - Covers the End of the Electronics That is Not Near the DIMM Cover (On the Left Side When Viewed From the Front of the Printer)
C6072-60172 Right Rear Cover - Covers Electronics Module Near the DIMM Cover (On the Rightt Side When Viewed From the Front of the Printer)
C6072-60176 DIMM cover
C6072-60177 EIO cover - Used when an EIO slot is empty
C6074-60275 Media bin cover - Used to protect high gloss photo paper from scraches caused by contact with the media bin

C6072-60185 Cross-brace - Main structure that extends between stand legs

Cutter, Messer
C6072-60200 Cutter assembly kit - Includes mounting hardware - Installed under carriage assembly

C6071-60148 Tail Deflectors (3 Used)
C6079-60019 Media Deflector - Rod Used When Optio l Take-up Reel is Installed (P/O C6079A)

Drive, Festplatte, HDD
C2985-61004 3.2 GB Hard Drive (Asian Fonts) - Asian EIO Font/Print Job Storage - Replacement for C2985A and C2985B Drives When Asian Fonts are Used
C6075-60005 3.2 GB Hard Drive (DesignJet 1050C/1055CM) - DesignJet EIO Font/Print Job Storage - Replacement for C2985B When Used in a DesignJet 1050C or 1055CM - Accessory for DesignJet 1050C, Standard for 1055CM Drive, Festplatte, HDD C2985B 3.2 GB Hard Drive - DesignJet or LaserJet EIO Font/Print Job Storage - Has at Least 2.0 GB Available for Storage

Drop Detector
 C6072-60179 Drop detector assembly - Includes spittoon foam - Installed in service station assembly

Fan, Lüfter
C6072-60159 Vacuum Fan Assembly - Installed on Right Side of Printer Chassis
Cooling Fan is Part of the Electronics Module - Please Refer to Module the Aerosol Fan is Part of the Right Cover - Please Refer to Cover

C6074-69304 Firmware DIMM (Revision A.01.13) - Mounts in the Electronics Module - RTL versionREQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = C6074-60304)

C6072-60182 Foot Assembly (Includes Casters) - Mounts to the Bottom of the Stand Legs (2 Used)

Front Panel, Bedienfeld
C6072-60175 Front panel assembly - Includes front panel cable

C6072-60163 Drive Roller Guide - Includes Drive Roller Guide and Media Guide Strip - Installed Under the Drive Roller
C6072-60189 Center Guide and Media Sensor - Installed Across the Width of the Print Mechanism Near the Front Platen and Center Platen
C6072-60194 Front Guide Assembly - Installed in Front of the Tube Guide
C6072-60195 Tube guide assembly

C6072-60152 Handle for Automatic Roll Sheet Switch (ARSS) Assembly (2 Used)

Hardware Kit
C6072-60180 Hardware Kit - Used to Assemble Printer Stand - Includes Screws and Screw Drivers

C6071-60154 Quick reference guide holder

Ink Supply Station, Pumpe, Patronen Halterung
C6072-60015 Ink Supply Station (ISS) - Has 4 slots for ink cartridges

Ink Tube System, Schlauch System, Tinten Schläuche
C6072-60145 Ink Tube System - Includes setup printheads, ink collector, carrier clip, nye oil, ink supply station housing foam

Kit, Wartungs Kit
C6072-60143 Maintenance Kit - Includes setup printheads, trailing cable, ISS housing foam, rubber gloves, oil applicator, carriage motor, drop detector, carriage assembly, drive belt, ink tube system, tensioner assembly, carriage height tool, & trailing cable clip

Leak Detector, Feuchtigkeits Sensor
C6071-60168 Ink leak detector system (LDS) - Includes ink collector, leak sense cable, leak sense cable clip

C6072-60184 Leg Assembly - Side Support for the Printer (2 Used) - Does NOT Include the Foot Assembly

Memory (DIMM)
C6074-60003 16MB EDO (Extended Data Output) DRAM DIMM
C6074-60004 32MB EDO (Extended Data Output) DRAM DIMM
C6074-60005 64MB EDO (Extended Data Output) DRAM DIMM

Memory (Product)
C6251A 16MB EDO (Extended Data Output) DRAM DIMM
C6252A 32MB EDO (Extended Data Output) DRAM DIMM
C6258A 64MB EDO (Extended Data Output) DRAM DIMM

Module, Mainboard, Netzteil
C6072-69146 Electronics module - Contains power supply, main logic board and cooling fan REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = C6072-60146)

C6072-60148 Carriage motor - Includes pulley
C6072-60160 Paper drive motor - Includes helical drive gear and mounting bracket - Installed on Right Side of Printer Chassis

C6079-60017 Left Take-up Reel Spindle Mount Assembly (P/O C6079A)
C6079-60018 Right Take-up Reel Spindle Mount Assembly (P/O C6079A)

PC Board, Netzteil, Mainboard   Power Supply and Main Logic PC Board are Part of the Electronics Module - Please Refer to Module

Pinch Assembly
C6072-60009 Pinch Assembly - Includes pinch cam, pinch rollers, springs

Platen, Walze
C6072-60161 Center Platen Assembly - Includes overdrive rollers and screws
C6072-60162 Front Platen Assembly - Long, curved item without rollers - Includes platen and screws
C6072-60186 Rear Platen

C6076A PostScript upgrade kit - Includes PostScript ROM SIMM, driver software, and documentation - Requires at least 32MB RAM in printer

C6071-60167 Setup Printheads - Used to remove air and prime the ink system (4 used)

Roll Feed Brake
C6072-60156 Right roll feed brake - Installed in right roll feed module
C6072-60157 Left roll feed brake - Installed in left roll feed module

Roll Feed Module
C6072-60155 Right Roll Feed Module - Installed at Top of Right Leg
C6072-60158 Left Roll Feed Module - Installed at Top of Left Leg

C6072-60154 Entry roller - Large, long roller at front of printer
C6072-60191 Paper drive roller assembly - Includes drive roller, roller gear, and roller bracket

C6072-60190 Media Sensor - Installed on the Center Guide
C6079-60016 Sensor Assembly - for Take-up Reel Kit (P/O C6079A)

Service Station, Reinigungs Station
C6072-60178 Service station assembly - Includes drop detector assembly

Spindle, Achse Für Rollen Papier
C6072-60126 Rollfeed Spindle Assembly - Includes End Caps (C6078A)

Spindle Kit, Achse für Rollen papier
C6078A E/A0 Spindle kit for DesignJet 1000 series printer

Strip, encoder
C6072-60197 Encoder strip
C6072-60391 Media Guide Strip - Installed Between the Drive Roller and the Drive Roller Guide

C6072-60192 Left Arc Assembly - Structure Installed Between the Left Cover and the Printer Chassis
C6072-60193 Right Arc Assembly - Structure Installed Between the Right Cover and the Printer Chassis

Take-Up Reel
C6079A Take-up reel kit for HP DesignJet 1000 Series - Allows printed media to be automatically rolled while printing - Includes spindle, spindle drive, media deflector, and documentation -

Tensioner, Umlenkrolle
C6072-60149 Tensioner assembly - Includes pulley assembly, pulley spring, wedge, cutter actuator arm, and tensioner housing

Tool, Reinigungs Werkzeug
C6071-60153 Carriage Interconnect Wiper - Handheld Tool Used to Clean the Electrical Contacts for the Printheads

C6072-60183 Printer stand tray - Mounted between the feet of printer

C6072-60164 Lift-up viewing window

HP DesignJet 1050C C6074A Plotter Ersatzteile


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