Q1292-67010 Front panel cable - Connects the front panel to the main logic PC board
Q1292-67014 Encoder harness
Q1292-67029 Motor harness kit

Q1292-67034 Electronics module assembly

PC Board
Q1292-67020 Cleanout interconnect PCA

Power Supply
Q1292-67038 Worldwide input power supply - 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 68W - Includes fan

Q1292-67016 Duplexer out of paper sensor (OOPS) harness
Q1292-67022 Door sensor assembly - Senses when the access door is opened or closed

Control Panel
Q1292-67021 Control panel - Front left control panel

C7796-67002 Rear trim kit - Attaches to the rear of the printer on either side of the back/center cover (two used)
Q1292-60258 Back/center cover - Covers the back and center of the printer and is located under the access door
C7791-60300 Left cover assembly - Houses the control panel
Q1292-60271 Right cover assembly - Houses the ink supply station and service station

C7791-60277 Access door - Covers the top of the printer and provides access to the printheads and carriage
C7791-60295 Ink cartridge door - Provides access to the ink cartridges - DesignJet 130nr ONLY
C7790-60457 Printhead door assembly - Provides access to the printheads - Includes ink cartridge door hinge

C7790-60451 Front panel overlay - Located on left front lower corner of top cover assembly

Q1292-67007 Ink Service Station (ISS) bottom absorber foam - Absorbs ink during the cleaning process - Smaller of the two
Q1292-67011 Ink Service Station (ISS) rear absorber foam

Q1292-67034 Electronics module assembly

Service Station
Q1292-60206 Service station assembly - For Designjet 30/90/130 series printers
Q1293-60049 Ink supply service station (ISS) assembly - For Designjet 30/90/130 series printers

Q1292-67026 Carriage belt - Used to move the carriage from side to side

Q1292-67003 Encoder strip - Clear strip with position marks - Used by the sensor in the carriage assembly to determine position

Q1292-67009 Filter assembly - Located inside the right side cover

Q1292-60152 Encoder strip holder - Wire loop that connects to the carriage assembly that is used to hold the encoder strip
Q1292-67005 Ink tube holder

C7790-60449 Ink cartridge color label - Located under cartridge access door
C7790-60450 Printhead access instruction label - Located under cartridge access door

Q1292-67006 Belt tensioner spring

Turnaround Assembly
Q1292-67012 Turnaround assembly

Q1292-67017 Pick cam - Located on the left-side of the print mechanism

Q1292-67023 Inner paper guide - Guides the paper through the paper path - Mounts behind the pickup roller assembly

C7796-60217 Pivot assembly - Black plastic part under platten - Supports pick roller

Q1292-60227 Print platen - Surface that supports paper during printing

Q1292-67015 Upper paper guide roller - Helps to guide media through paper path

Roller Assembly
Q1292-60211 Feed roller assembly - Includes encoder disk - Feeds media under the carriage assembly
Q1292-60210 Pick roller assembly - Picks media from the input paper tray and feeds it through the paper path

Roller Kit
Q1292-67018 Lower paper guide roller kit - Helps to guide media through paper path

Q1292-60150 Out-of-paper sensor (OOPS) - Detects when paper supply is empty

C7791-60245 Starwheel assembly - Provides downward pressure on media as it passes through the feed rollers

C7791-60297 Paper input tray cover - Black platic cover that is placed on top of the paper input tray

Q1292-60097 Paper input tray assembly - Holds paper supply for printer
C7791-60280 Paper output tray assembly

C8108-67048 Drive belt for the output mechanism assembly
Part C8108-67048 is no longer supplied. Please order the replacement, Q1292-67001

Q1292-67040 Carriage assembly - Includes trailing cable and carriage belt and does not include the carriage height tool

Ink Delivery System
Q1292-60235 RIDS assembly - Transports ink from the ink supply station to the printheads

Q1292-60207 Carriage drive motor - Drives the carriage belt
Q1292-60218 Paper motor assembly - Powers the drive roller
Q1292-60219 Ramp motor assembly

C7791-60287 Bypass platen assembly

Q1293-60068 Output mechanism support assembly

Q1292-60238 Rollfeed support bracket - Used in conjunction with the automatic rollfeed kit

C7797-60008 24-inch spindle assembly

Q1246-60010 Paper bin assembly

HP DesignJet 130 NR C7791F Ersatzteile


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