Absorber, Tinten-Filz, Aufsauger
C7790-60144 ISS Rear Aborber Foam - Absorbes ink during the cleaning process - Larger of the two
C7790-60145 ISS Bottom Aborber Foam - Absorbs Ink during the cleaning process - Smaller of the two

Belt, Zahnriemen, Antriebsriemen
C7790-60203 Carriage Drive Belt - Moves printhead side to side

Cable, Kabel
C7790-60120 Motor Harness
C7790-60121 Encoder Harness
C7790-60122 Duplexer OOP Sensor Harness

Carriage, Wagen, Schlitten
C7790-60278 Ink cartridge carriage assembly - Includes carriage PC board

C7790-60100 Back Cover - Covers the back of the printer and is located under the access door
C7790-60102 Front cover - Covers the front and center of the printer
C7790-60108 Left Trim Assembly - Located between the Left cover assembly and the chassis
C7790-60117 Right side cover assembly - Houses the ink cartridges
C7790-60118 Left side cover assembly - Houses the control panel

C7790-60086 Access Door - Covers the top of the printer and provides access to the print heads and carriage
C7790-60106 Printhead door assembly - Provides access to the printheads
C7790-60293 Ink Cartridge Door - Provides access to the ink cartridges - For ther 20ps version ONLY
C8108-67036 Rear cleanout door assembly - Paper jam cleanout door

C8108-67053 Duplexer module - Two sided printing accessory
C8219A Duplexer module - Two sided printing accessory

C7790-60099 Encoder Strip (Clear Strip with Position Marks) - Used by the sensor in the carriage assembly to determine position

C7790-60295 Filter Assembly - Located inside the right side cover

Front Panel, Bedien-Feld
C7790-60109 Front panel assembly, Control Panel

C7790-60104 Encoder strip holder
C7790-60124 Ink tube holder, Schlauch-Halter

Ink Delivery System, Schlauch-System
C7790-60112 RIDS Assembly - Transports ink from ink supply station to carriage assembly

Ink Supply Station, Tinten-Pumpe
C7790-60089 Ink supply station assembly - Holds the ink cartridges and pumps ink out to the printheads

C7790-60110 Carriage drive motor

PC Board, Elektronik
C7790-60200 Secondary paper tray PCA - Provides the electrical connection to power the paper tray
C7790-69090 Main Logic PCA Module - PCA is housed in a metal chassis REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART
(New part = C7790-60090), Mainboard

Power Supply, Netzteil
C7790-60091 Worldwide input power supply module - 100V - 240V, 68W 50/60Hz - Includes fan

C7790-60147 Carriage Rod - The carriage slides on this rod

Roller Assembly
C7790-60129 Feed Roller Assembly - Feeds the media under the carriage assembly - Includes shaft with six rollers, gears, and encoder disk

C7790-60119 Door Sensor Assembly - Senses when the access door is opened or closed

Service Station, Reinigungs-Station
C7790-60229 Complete Service Station Assembly - Mounts behind right side cover - Includes the service station motor and wiper assembly

C7790-60125 Belt tensioner spring

Tray, Kassette
C7790-60149 Output tray assembly - Includes output tray, slid out tray extender, and envelope width stop
C8108-67044 Input tray assembly - Holds paper supply for printer - Pullout tray with paper length/width stop
C8109-67027 250-sheet input tray 2 - Mounts under the printer
C8109-69027 250-sheet input tray 2 - Mounts under the printer REQUIRES RETURN OF DEFECTIVE PART(New part = C8109-67027)

HP DesignJet 20 C7790B Ersatzteile


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